“For everything bad, mezcal; for everything good, too... and if there is no remedy: a liter and a half”

Mezcal Incondicional is the only spirit drink Tamaulipeca awarded with the Gold Medal.

Mission: Company dedicated to the artisanal production of spirits derived from the agave plant, specializing in the development and marketing of mezcal artesanal.

Vision: For the 2027 getting to be a company positioned at the international level through an innovative method of production that allows to bring to the market mezcalero the satisfaction of proving a drink only for him palate, placing in the top 10 of mixtures, international recognizing and putting in a high state of Tamaulipas. for its quality products and excellence in service.


  • Service
  • Honesty
  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Productivity

Currently Mezcal Incondicional handles a line of 100% handmade, with three variants of mezcal; Reposado barrel of double French white, assemble the young of three agave, double distilled, and aged in barrels of double French white. Each one has different presentations. 

  • Mezcal Joven: 750ml, 375ml and 50ml.
  • Mezcal Reposado: 750ml and 50ml.
  • Mezcal Añejo: 750ml and 50ml.

It also handles a variety of companions as

  • Sal de Gusano: 100g and 50g. 
  • Sal de Chapulín únicamente 100g.

Selection of agave

The agave plants that are used for the creation of Mezcal Incondicional are selected one-to-one caring for the combination of American, Lechuguilla, and Ash, creating an assembly that gives life to our mezcal.


Our teachers mezcaleros made jima with special care to avoid damaging the heart of the agave and so avoid losing their property with the sole objective of which is to give the particular body that characterizes Mezcal Incondicional.


Mezcal Incondicional is cooked in the traditional way in the oven conical with mesquite and oak.


The piña of the agave are crushed in mills artisan rolls of oak to be able to extract naturally the greatest amount of flavor to the distillation of Mezcal Incondicional and preserve the handmade process.


Once crushed, the agave in the milling is placed in vats where it ferments, helping the mezcal has the ideal point of fermentation.


Mezcal Incondicional to carry a handmade production process goes through a double distillation. This allows us to highlight the best characteristics of the product.

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