The origin of the Mezcal Tamaulipeco was linked to the flow of people that experienced in the EIGHTEENTH century the Sierra of Tamaulipas by mining. The Mezcal and the music of the Cherry are the cultural contribution of the municipalities of the Sierra de San Carlos and San Nicolás. Mezcal “Incondicional” is made in the traditional way, using native species whose common names are “ASH”, “LECHUGUILLA” and “AMERICAN”

Mezcal Incondicional is founded in 2019 by a group of Entrepreneurs Tamaulipecos enthusiasts mezcal, its handmade process, but above all for its UNIQUE taste AND SPIRIT.

By having us the opportunity to visit, live and work in different parts of Mexico and the World, we realize that the Mezcal Tamaulipeco is little-known and appreciated, thus taking the decision to create Mezcal Incondicional to make it known in all parts of Mexico and the world, as well as start our project with a sustainable basis that has as its purpose which the Masters Mezcaleros Tamaulipecos are recognized and their tradition is preserved through the time.

We won the SILVER Medal in the National contest of Brands 2022 awarded by the Academy of the Mezcal and the Maguey, with this, we became one of the few mezcals winners in the entire history of TAMAULIPAS and the one that has the best quality, taste and aroma.

Previously, he earned a gold medal in the Contest National Brands 2021 and a silver medal in 2019 and 2020.